Packing Your Movable Storage Unit For Optimal Results

If you are moving on your own and moving a long distance, driving a moving truck can take a long time. Driving a moving truck can be different than driving a regular car and you may not be able to take your car along with the large truck. One of the best options aside from driving a moving truck is to get a movable storage unit. These units are set up anywhere of your choosing. You can then pack your items into the unit and have it moved to your next area. Before you start packing the unit, you need to know the appropriate order so that you are not left with chaotic unpacking when you arrive at your new home. Here are three considerations to remember when you are packing a movable storage unit. 

Put the large items in the front

When you are unloading items from a movable storage unit into your new home, you should take the heavy items first. Items such as bed frames, mattresses, couches, and appliance should be toward the front. At the beginning phase of unpacking, you will have more energy and your muscles will be less fatigued. Place the heaviest items inside of the movable storage last so that they will be the first items that you can tackle. 

Add a rolling dolly on top

A rolling dolly can be a saving grace when it comes to unpacking. If you are moving into a space where there is an elevator or if you can enter the ground floor to unload boxes, you will be able to pull in more items at once. Use the dolly to load as many boxes as can fit, then bring the boxes into the home and sit in a designated area. You will also not have to carry the boxes all the way to from the unit to your home, preserving your energy. The use of a dolly that was sitting on top of the boxes will cut your move in half. 

Place instructions on each wall

When you are adding boxes into the unit, tape a piece of paper above the boxes on each side noting what the boxes are holding. This will allow you to keep kitchen items in one section, living room items in one section, and bedroom items in another. When you are unpacking, you and your moving helpers will know where to place each item when you get it inside. This will also cut down on the confusion inside of the house, making packing less of a chore. 

For additional advice, contact a moving company in your area.