Are You Moving to a Furnished Apartment? How Residential Movers Can Help

Why do you need to hire residential movers to help you move into a furnished apartment? If your new home comes with a complete bedroom set, a living room filled with sofas, and more, take a look at the top reasons to choose a professional residential moving service.

You Have Accents and Accessories

Even though you won't need to move end tables and ottomans into your new apartment, you may want to bring the photo frames, lamps, vases, and other décor that will sit on top of them. If you have more than a box or two of small knick-knacks, a professional moving company can help you to transport containers filled with fragile home accents and accessories.

You Have a Library Filled with Books

The heavy boxes of books in your home office or library may weigh too much for you to move without help. Avoid the stress and potential physical strain of lifting heavy books with a professional moving service. Not only will the movers lift and carry your hardback books into the truck, but they'll remove them and bring the heavy items into your new apartment.

You Have Over-Sized or Awkward Items

Furniture pieces aren't the only over-sized items you could own. Sculptures, paintings, floor lamps, and musical instruments (such as pianos) are too large, heavy, or awkward for most people to move on their own. The professional mover has the expertise, experience, and equipment needed to transport these items safely.

You Have Some Furniture

While you don't need to move furniture into a furnished apartment, you can. Instead of the larger pieces (which come with the apartment), you may want to bring your own side tables, coffee table, or other smaller items. If you have more than a few tables, chairs, or similar belongings to take with you, furniture movers can help to carry and transport accent or small-sized pieces of furniture.

You Have an Injury

A broken leg, sprained ankle, or bad back can make your move almost impossible. If you don't have family and friends to help you move your clothes, boxes, and bins, you'll need the assistance of a professional moving contractor.

You Don't Have the Right Vehicle

How do you plan to transport boxes, bins, bags, and other items to your new furnished apartment? If you don't have a vehicle or your car is too small to carry all your belongings, you need a moving van or truck. You could rent a truck. But if you don't feel comfortable driving a large-sized vehicle, this isn't an option. Residential movers will bring their vehicle, which will eliminate this issue.