2 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Movers To Help You On Moving Day

Once you have settled on a day to move, you may have decided to make arrangements with a moving company to help. If so, make sure that you do not make one or both of the mistakes discussed below that could impede the flow of the move and cause unnecessary delays and fees.

1.  Neglecting to Have Them Come to Your Home Before the Day of the Move

One mistake that you should avoid when hiring a service to help you with your move is neglecting to have them send someone to your home before the day of service arrives. While you may believe that all they need to do is show up at the appointed time, not having them look over your current residence could cause some delays. If they do not give your residence at least a visit, they may not be fully prepared for any unusual circumstances that may arrive. If you have odd stairs within your house or live on the top floor of an apartment complex, for example, they may not have a furniture dolly that can handle the stairs.

If something comes up that requires special equipment, they may have to go back to the company to retrieve it, causing a delay in your move. Having them inspect the home beforehand can help keep this from happening.

2.  Being the Process of Packing When They Arrive to Provide Service

Another mistake that you need to avoid making is to still be in the process of packing when the movers arrive to provide you service. Unless you have signed up for a white-glove service that provides help with packing, you need to have everything packed and ready to go at the designated time. If not, the movers will have to wait around until you finish packing up the boxes for them to carry out to the truck. Because of the extra time involved, this not only causes a delay, but it could also result in fees for the extra time.

Avoiding the above mistakes can help the day that you and can help the process go more smoothly as well as keep you from incurring extra costs. Speak with a representative with the moving company to discuss other specific requirements as well as for tips and information about what you need to do before the big day arrives. They may be able to provide more information about their movers as well.