3 Crucial Concerns To Cover With Your Piano Moving Company

Go the DIY way with piano moving and you risk damaging your piano. Depending on the size of your piano, you may end up hurting yourself, especially your back, if you don't do it right. No doubt about it, moving a piano is a job best left to the pros. Here are the crucial things you should discuss with your piano moving company.

1. Credentials 

Piano moving is quite different from moving other household items, including your heavy furniture. It requires special attention and special equipment, which is why you want to entrust the job to a professional moving company.

Narrow down your search to certified and insured piano movers. Talk about both licensing and insurance with the companies you are vetting. A specialist mover offering piano moving is always a great pick. You can be sure the team is equipped with the skill and experience to handle the safe moving of all types or sizes of pianos.

2. Preparing Your Piano for the Move

There is certainly a lot of preparation involved before piano moving. For starters, ensure that you lock the lid because any bumps during the move can damage your piano. Wrapping the instrument in non-slip blankets, held in place with cords, will protect the finish.

Disassembling will certainly make piano moving easier. Let the expert do it to avoid damage. The movers will take out the keyboard from the piano's main body for easy moving. Removing the piano's legs will also make it easier for the instrument to fit through doorways and stairways. Have the mover clearly spell out what you can do and what you can leave to the piano moving team.

3. Climate Control

You will want a climate-controlled truck to move your piano, especially if the move involves long distances. Pianos, like most musical instruments, are quite sensitive to temperature and humidity levels. If you keep your piano in an environment where these levels are not checked, you may damage your instrument, and the exposure can affect the quality of sound your piano will produce.

Professional moving companies appreciate all this, informing their investment in climate-controlled trucks. Inquire about the same, and find out how else the company will protect your piano from damage while in transit.

In Good Hands

From preparation and loading onto the truck to offloading at your new location, you should only entrust your piano moving needs to skilled and insured professionals. Ensure you are on the same page and know what to expect by discussing these crucial pointers with the moving company. Go online to websites like https://www.extremepianomoving.com/ for more information.