How To Keep Your Storage Unit Neat And Organized

Storage units can come in handy when you run out of storage space at home. At least you can always store your items safely in the unit. But how do you keep things organized and neat? It would not make sense to get more storage space and leave your things in disarray. Luckily, you can keep your personal storage unit organized and neat with the help of these tips. 

Clean Up Your Unit Before Storing Items

You need to thoroughly clean your storage unit before transferring your items. You can sweep or vacuum the storage unit to ensure it's clean. Additionally, you'll need to clean or wipe all the possessions you want to transfer to the storage unit, so you won't carry any dirt into the personal storage unit.

Use Containers

Tossing your items in the storage unit will make things look disorganized. So, you must come up with ways to keep your things. You can always use containers or cardboard boxes. Containers help keep things in order. You just need to keep your possessions in various boxes and use labels. Ensure all the items are packed in the boxes, if possible. Once you are done, stack the boxes from the largest to the smallest. 

Go Vertical

How do you organize all your belongings if you rent a small storage unit? Well, going vertical is the perfect solution. Once you have stored your items in boxes or containers, stack them on top of each other. You should stack the boxes from the far end of the storage unit so that you can leave space at the entrance. You won't need much horizontal space after you stack the boxes vertically.

Shelves Should Help

Standard storage units don't have shelves. Therefore, keeping your unit organized can prove challenging. Luckily, you can always build shelves as long as the storage facility owner allows. As long as you don't cause damage to the unit, you'll be good to go. So, to avoid any issues, try building freestanding shelves. At least you'll easily arrange boxes and other items on the shelves. 

Leave Walkways

As much as some storage units have limited space, you'll always need to leave walkways. So, if you use shelves in the unit, ensure you leave enough room for walkways. With one or two walkways in the storage unit, you can easily access any box you want. You don't have to take everything out of the unit to get to the far corner.

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