Piano Moving Services: 3 Tips For Protecting The Lacquer Or Polyester Finish Of The External Surface

Learning how to play the piano is not an easy nor inexpensive task. The average piano costs anywhere from a minimum of $3,000 to more than $100,000, and even the smallest pianos can easily weigh in at approximately 300 to 400 pounds. As the lacquer or polyester finish of the pianos tends to be rather fragile and delicate, it's important to be extremely cautious when moving pianos from one location to another to prevent scratches and other types of damages.

3 Ways To Get A Pack Rat To Declutter Before Moving

It's natural to accumulate clutter when living in one place for a long period of time. However, some people just can't throw anything away, which can make moving more challenging and expensive than it needs to be. If you're moving with a pack rat who wants to take everything with them, here are three ways you can get them to declutter. Show Them the Money One way to get a person to let go of their stockpile is to show them how much money they could make by selling some or all of it.

How Much Should You Tip Interstate Movers?

Should you tip movers when moving across the country? Moving companies don't include a mandatory gratuity on their bills like some restaurants do, yet many people want to show their appreciation in the form of a tip. According to a survey conducted by Apartment Guide, 71 percent of people tip moving crews. If you're moving across the country this summer and want to leave a tip, there's a follow-up question that must be answered: How much should you tip interstate movers?

Types Of Boxes To Get -- And To Avoid -- For Your Upcoming Move

It seems like practically everyone at some point deals with making their first big move, even if that move is just across town. Even if you realize you should wrap your fragile items in paper or bubble wrap, you may have little understanding about which types of boxes are best for different purposes. As you go out on your box gathering venture, look for specific kinds that are the most helpful for moving.

5 Things You Should Do Before Storing Your Boat for the Winter

If you've recently purchased a new boat, you have probably been enjoying trips on lake and river outings all summer. However, summer will come to an end soon, and it will be time to put your boat away for the winter. Naturally, you want your boat to be in the best possible shape when it's time to bring it out again for summer fun. Here are five things you should do to ensure that your boat is ever functional and ready to roll when the fish start biting next year.